In 2001 I became a member of staff at London Contemporary Dance School where I continue to teach Composition and Improvisation. I am an internationally recognised Contact Improvisation teacher and have been invited to lead workshops in 12 different countries and more than 40 cities. I have been a guest teacher in many institutions and festivals such as CNDC Anger (France), National Taiwan University of Arts, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Freiburg Festival and The Royal Ballet School. I have taught company class for many companies including Punchdrunk, Rambert Dance Company and DV8.

My teaching is comprised of three elements: Contact Improvisation, solo dancing and ensemble composition. 


Here are three different class/workshop descriptions:

Solo forms and Contact Improvisation

These morning classes will be based in Contact Improvisation. Somatic images and solo patterns will underpin the warm-ups. Investigating and challenging your solo dancing will be your preparation for meeting others in Contact dances. Connecting deeply with others will lead you back to self awareness. Technical challenges and conceptual strategies will be offered to support you in learning something new. 

 - Independent Dance Morning Professional class June 2016


Spherical Orientation

These classes are a blend of Contact Improvisation’s approach to the body with the structure of the Contemporary Dance class.  Mixing improvisational approaches with choreographed movement will articulate the soft athletics and multidirectional awareness of CI in solo movement. Forward, side and backward rolls, dives, knee slides, handstands, off axis patterns and floor surfing. Ultimately we will open space to fall, fly and release as we dance together with risk, humour and a vigorous physicality.                    

-Greenwich Dance Morning Class, May 2014


Ensemble Composition

A four day workshop exploring ensemble improvisation in performance, with members of the improvisation group Neat Timothy. Using movement, spoken and singing voice in a context that also includes live improvised music, we will look at what it is to inhabit the space you are in, using as many of these modes of performing as you choose and exploring the counterpoint between narrative and more abstract sound and movement material. We will develop skills of listening, noticing and responding in performance, building confidence in working with others and in spontaneous decision making. 

Sessions will be facilitated by Seke Chimutengwende, Rick Nodine, and Jamie McCarthy (Sound Improvisation).

- TripSpace Workshop with Neat Timothy, October 2016